When You Cannot Use Stone and Gravel in Your Garden, Try This Alternative


Gardeners and landscapers love to use stone as pavement or mulch, because it’s natural, highly resistant and beautiful. However, a hot climate means that the stone gets heated up quickly and that may not be desired by all. Gravel used to cover a playground may get too hot for children. Stone mulch material used around plants will heat up to such a level that the plants won’t bear it.

rubber-chippings49Rubber mulch replaces gravel or wood chippings

The common options are lately being replaced by a new, cheap and versatile alternative: rubber chippings. These usually come from old tires or are provided by different industries that use rubber. Or, it could simply be a form of recycling. Regardless, these are usually light, safe, colorful and do the job really well. This is a material that doesn’t trap heat so easily, which makes it friendly to plants.

Rubber is inexpensive

Compared to stone, one will surely find rubber chippings to be much more affordable. Thus, people will be able to cover entire areas. This type of mulch is suitable to playgrounds thanks to its softness, to pathways, as well as to plant insulation.

Safety matters

There has been serious debate concerning this. One conclusion is that it would be best to buy from a vendor that can guarantee the lack of toxicity of their synthetic mulch. This applies to the coloring as well. When you buy from a reputable source, you get mulch that lasts for over 10 years and which is safe for your children and pets.


Stone is definitely versatile for garden use, but so are synthetic chippings. Being finely shredded, these look natural as well – like gravel or like bark. Thus, it does not create a strange contrast in your yard, unless you opt for a bold, bright color. This aspect is entirely up to you. Use these to cover a playground area, to ensure weed control and water retention for plants, to make a path etc.

When stone is too expensive for garden use or it gets too hot in summertime, you will always have this cheap alternative that has so many useful properties.