The Best Way to Use Bolster Pillows


Some people may already have bolster pillows in their houses which are demonstrated as long narrow pillows. People make use of it for several reasons. It helps in sleeping in like number of ways. The basic difference between it and the regular one is that it spans the complete bed width. It renders uniform support, irrespective of your posture when you’re asleep.

With the normal one, people often find their heads dips amidst the pillow. And, this kind of pillow offers efficient back support even while you’re sleeping. They are specifically good for pregnant women and for those who suffer from back problems. You can possibly bend them into V- Shape and get perfect support while reading a novel or watching TV.

The Bolster cushions are accessible worldwide and have been popular in the Asian countries for quite sometime now. People of the West also use this flat set of pillows and find it perfect for sleeping. People also use it for hugging while they sleep. In places like Thailand and Singapore, people usually don’t cover up themselves, but they love to keep warm during the morning hours by simply hugging the cushion. And bolster cushion is just the perfect thing to hug.

Speaking about the insides of these pillows, they are normally decked with duck feather, fiber or foam. There are a few of them which can genuinely be shaped to suit the shape of different bodies. These cushions are perfect for those who have back ache and neck pain as it releases stress from these parts. The cushion’s outers are crafted of soft washable fabrics. Several types of fabrics are used for the cushion outers.

With the passage of time, people have commenced using them as a décor enhancement. Couches, beds are often seen plumped with tubular bolster pillows to serve the purpose of decoration. Cushions which are used for this purpose usually have silk, velvet or sating covering. They are available in several colors and unique designs to suit the décor of your house. Right from images of birds, animals and wildlife, to romance & myth, medieval prints and nautical cushions, you can find a wide range in this segment. Save On Wall Art gives you an enormous range of Bolster and tapestry cushions. Select from the gigantic collection and choose an item of your choice at highly affordable prices.

The uniquely shaped pillows make the room look quite elegant and different. Some more terminology for the pillows includes tube, neck and roll pillows. Teaming them with the other cushions on your couch and bed brings a completely new look for your bedroom.

Save on Wall Art also gives you an exclusive kids range. Cushions presented for kids basically have covering of nylon, lycra or spandex. In order to add a more glamorous touch to your room, you can also buy hemmed bolster pillows. Stitched with ribbon or lace, they look all the more adorable. Yes, it is a perfect way to transform your resting area and enjoy a soothing atmosphere.