Mould, Asbestos and Lead Removal Services in Coquitlam, Canada


Lead and asbestos removal is not something you can decide on by yourself as part of your work. This is because the two elements are quite harmful to human health. In fact, lead poisoning is quite common in those homes that have asbestos materials. On the other hand, respiratory problems, different types of cancers and other complications are often linked to excessive exposure to asbestos material. For this reasons, if you want to remove any asbestos, lead or even mould from your home, it is advisable to seek the help of experts with experience in the removal of these substances.

Lead removal

Mould, Asbestos and Lead Removal Services in Coquitlam

If you are in the Canadian city of Coquitlam, you can find reliable companies that have extensive experience in mould, asbestos and lead removal. These companies specialize in the removal of these materials from public, industrial, commercial and even residential establishments. Some of the services that they offer include:

  1. Asbestos Testing

Airborne asbestos is quite dangerous as it often leads to the inhalation of asbestos fibres, which can have detrimental effects on one’s health. For this reason, it is extremely important to carry out asbestos tests in your home or commercial establishment so as to confirm whether this harmful substance is present. Asbestos testing in Coquitlam is normally done by professionals using advanced testing equipment and techniques. For instance, material from the building may be scraped and taken to accredited asbestos testing laboratories.

  1. Asbestos Removal

If the asbestos tests show that your building has alarming levels of asbestos, the next step may be the removal of the asbestos material. Because of the dangers that the substance poses, you may want to seek the help of professionals who have enough experience in asbestos removal. Some of the best asbestos removing companies have well-trained and knowledgeable staff who employ the latest and safest removal techniques. They normally come while they are well-equipped and with the right protective attire, so as to avoid coming into direct contact with the substance.

  1. Lead Removal Services

Most of the paints that were used before the 1970s used to contain lead. For this reason, as the paint ages, it tends to chip or crumble into fine dust. Exposure to these chips or dust either by ingestion or inhalation can cause serious health problems, especially to children and expectant women. If you live in an old house that poses dangers of lead poisoning, you may want to seek the help of professionals who will safely remove the lead material. This will enable you and your family to stay in a safe and healthy environment.

  1. Mould and Fungi Removal Services

Mould and fungi are other potentially harmful elements that can cause harm to a person when ingested or inhaled. It can contaminate water tanks, hence posing a significant health risk to the people that are using that water. To avoid all these problems, you can seek the help of professionals to remove them in a safe way.

Whether you have asbestos, lead or mould in or outside your property, it is always advisable to look for professionals who can remove the substance in a safe and effective way without posing any danger to others. If you are in Coquitlam, you can find reliable companies, which normally carry out asbestos testing in Coquitlam before continuing with their removal services.