Modern Prefabricated Homes and Their Benefits


Manufactured or modular homes have been around for a number of years and have made tremendous improvements in quality and energy efficiency, making them very desirable to live in and raise a family. These homes come in various sizes and models and the costs can be considerably less than a stick-built home. Modular homes in Edmonton are becoming the solution to the housing problems, as they are built inside and take much less time to construct and the process is not hindered by weather conditions. They are more affordable because there is less waste in the building of modular, they are high quality since they use more lumber for transportation purposes and are more energy efficient due to new technology.
prefab homes
Modular homes in Edmonton are less expensive than on-site houses, also over a time, their value goes up. In addition to this, they are checked by officers to see whether they conform to all local and regional guidelines prescribed for building houses. The greatest advantage, perhaps, of buying a modular home lies in the fact that before investing your money you can see a life-size model of your house to be. The idea of modular homes in Edmonton may get associated with tiny non-livable accommodations when you think about it, but, a little research is sure to leave you astonished.

You want a “real” home. You also want to save money and speed the process of construction. Should you select a prefab home? Are you concerned that it might be considered a manufactured or mobile home? Prefab homes are quite popular, especially in some areas of the country and world. They can indeed save both time and money. Before you make the decision and take the leap, you should know a couple things about this approach. If you go by the dictionary’s definition you might assume that mobile (manufactured) homes are also prefab homes. They are not. We must go by common usage of the term to avoid misunderstanding. Manufactured homes are mobile homes with a fancier name. Prefab homes refer to quality “stick built” homes that follow the same exact codes and inspection procedures as if they were built completely on site, stick by stick.

Naturally, many products can be prefabricated. But, in terms of house building, prefab refers to building small or large parts of the home in a controlled plant environment to exacting standards on large assembly line-type “jigs” for the forming, and other systems for the rest of the fabrication. Prefab homes are mostly thought of as modular homes but can refer to any home that is largely or partly built in a plant and sent to the construction site in sections, panels, modules, etc. If using a prefab home is the only way you would consider being an owner builder, then yes, the opportunity to save money is definitely there. With a prefabricated home you get the benefit of designing your own home according to your whims and fancy. Of course, you can decide on the number of rooms you want, their size, designs, etc.