Leave Summertime Pruning to the Experts


Though many in Edmonton think that pruning is best left for the spring season, it can be done safely later on in the summer, too. Pruning can be very important for the health and well-being of our plants, providing it’s done correctly. Pines, ash, oaks, and more – they all stand to undergo this process in order to encourage growth and prevent the death of its branches. Keeping your trees, plants, and shrubs pruned will also make sure they’re looking their best.

Tree Pruning Service
Tree Pruning Service

Before you grab your saw and ladder from your shed, consider contacting a tree pruning service Edmonton homeowners can trust. This isn’t a DIY job you can safely take on by yourself. Due to the height of the average coniferous in Edmonton, you can risk your safety and the safety of others if you aren’t equipped with the right tools or knowledge. You can also make a mistake that stunts the growth of the tree. That’s where an Edmonton arborist comes in. They, like Chipps Tree Care, have a team of professional pruners who know how to complete the job safely and efficiently.

How can you tell they’re properly trained for the job? The top tree pruning company Edmonton has to offer will eagerly provide their ISA certification, and you can count Chipps among them. The International Society of Arboriculture will provide them exclusive resources and content that improves their skillset. More importantly, ISA-certified arborists uphold the society’s strict code of ethics as well as the standards of the industry, ensuring they have the knowledge and experience to complete the job right the first time.

Professional Pruners
Professional Pruners

When you have a properly trained arborist to tackle your pruning you can expect to see their work return financial, aesthetic, and environmental value to your property. You can learn more about the benefits of working with a trained arborist by reading up on tree care tips at Chippstree.com/blog/.

Financial Value

Pruning your landscape improves the market value of your home. Home investors look at a well-kept lawn when they’re appraising your home. Recent studies suggest that a well-kept garden can deter criminal activity in urban areas.

Aesthetic Value

When your backyard looks good, it’s an inviting place for you and your friends to gather. A garden is one of the greatest places to appreciate the beauty of Edmonton. Overall, ensuring everything is trimmed properly makes you feel good as a home owner.

Tree Care Tips
Tree Care Tips

Environmental Health

Pruning your oak, pine, or whatever species you have will improve their health. Trimming back broken, dying, or dead branches will discourage pests from making a home there and diseases from spreading to the rest of the tree. It also ensures branches don’t rub against one another or block sunlight from reaching all of its leaves.

Pruning will ensure the health and beauty of your landscape, but don’t do it on your own. When looking for help with tree pruning Edmonton homeowners can do no better than to contact a fully trained, ISA-certified arborist. They have the skills, equipment, and experience to get the job done safely.