Keeping Your Home Safe with Security Guards


There are many ways you can keep your home safe from burglaries and vandalism. We are all familiar with alarm systems, motion lighting, heavy duty locks, bars on windows and guard dogs, but have you ever considered hiring a security guard to patrol your perimeter?

Home Security Guard
Home Security Guard

Today, we will cover some interesting aspects to hiring a security guard for your personal home needs.

Hiring a Security Guard Company

This is more common in apartment and condo-type settings, but is a very valuable option for single family homes as well. There is nothing more important than the safety of your family and belongings, hiring a reputable company to watch over things can bring you peace of mind.

Take time to shop around for a reputable company, as you will be entrusting them with invaluable items. You want to pick a company that hires well-trained employees that have an eye for anything out of the ordinary. Many companies employ off-duty or retired police officers, which is a real plus. While security officers do not have the same abilities to handle crimes as a police officer, they are able to arrest suspects if necessary and then turn them over to local law enforcement.

Many times, a criminal will stake out a location before picking a time to strike. Security systems can be predictable and can be outsmarted by criminals. Security guards, on the other hand, are able to switch up their patrol times and routes to catch potential thieves and vandals off-guard. Seeing patrol units in the area at various times will deter these people from committing crimes in the area.

Private Security Guard
Private Security Guard

Is It Affordable to Hire a Security Guard?

It is sometimes misconstrued that hiring a private security guard is only for the affluent, but this is not always the case. You should call around and do price comparison of the security companies in your area. Cost will naturally depend on the amount of time that services are requested. One thing that you may consider is pairing up with your neighbors for a group rate. Not only will you get a better deal, but the entire neighborhood will benefit, win-win.

Advantages of Hiring a Home Security Guard:

• Ability to monitor all access of visitors to your home
• They are trained to recognize any suspicious activity
• Adds a physical presence
• Often mistaken for police officers, deterring criminal activity
• Can help keep the entire neighborhood safe by having the area patrolled regularly

Security Guard
Security Guard

Disadvantages of Hiring a Home Security Guard:

• Cost can sometimes be excessive
• Could be considered as an invasion of privacy


Security guards will not get rid of crime, but they can effectively move these acts from your area. Keeping criminals on their toes is a sure way to force them out of your neighborhood. More sets of eyes and having a physical presence is proven to be effective for lowering crime rates. While hiring a personal security guard isn’t for everyone, it is a very viable form of personal protection.