How to Make Conservatories More Energy Efficient


Many older homes have conservatories that are in disrepair because homeowners do not use them very often. These rooms have reputations for being cold in the winter and hot in the summer, making them unusable for most of the year. However, thanks to energy efficient windows and better construction, many people are repairing their conservatories and incorporating them into their living spaces.

Replacing Windows

Since most conservatories in Essex consist mostly of glass, it is important to replace the windows and the glass on the roof with energy efficient replacement windows. Many companies that refurbish conservatories use top of the line windows to help homeowners save on energy costs. Instead of single glazed windows, conservatory windows may be double or triple glazed to help reduce energy costs.

A double or triple glazed window will not allow heat to escape the conservatory. This will make the room warmer during cold winter months, so you can sit and enjoy it even when there is snow on the ground. The cold or hot outside air cannot penetrate through the glass, as there is a gas barrier between each pane of glass. This keeps the outside air from affecting the inside temperature, while still allowing the sun to shine through.

Replacing the Doors

During a conservatory refurbishment, the doors are usually replaced along with the windows. The doors will be made from the same material as the window frames, which is a durable uPVC material that resists cracking, fading or peeling despite being exposed to all sorts of weather. The frames are available in several colours, so you can select something that closely matches the cladding on your home. Or, as many homeowners do, you can select traditional white framing.

The glass is heavy duty and energy efficient, which helps prevent draughts of cold or hot air from seeping into the conservatory. This will allow the temperature in the room to remain consistent, so if you have plants in your conservatory, they will not be subjected to extreme temperature changes. This will allow them to stay healthy and continue growing, even during the winter months.

Adding a Conservatory

Many homeowners want the added value of a conservatory for their homes, and if there isn’t one already, they can purchase interest free conservatories from many builders. There are several different styles of conservatories to pick from, so you should consult a builder to find out which size and style best suits your needs and fits your home. Many homeowners use their conservatories in Essex as indoor/outdoor spaces for entertaining family and friends throughout the year.

If you’re interested in renovating a conservatory or having a new one added to your home, you can go online to examine the various style options. With the use of energy efficient windows and doors, a conservatory will be more liveable. If you’d like to find out more, call one of our experts for free now at 0147 346 7188 and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.