How to Get the Right Window Protection for a Hurricane


In the event that a hurricane is coming, there are several preparations that one may need to make to their home in advance. After many items are secured and an appropriate place for all individuals in the home has been arranged, securing the windows in the home should be addressed, to prevent them from becoming broken.

One such way to prevent the windows from becoming broken is to purchase building materials from the hardware store including boards, screws or nails and drills or hammers. One could then board up each window and this would reduce the risk of having the windows broken in the event the storm interacts with the home. One downside to this plan is that the storm may be coming so quickly that one cannot go out to the store and purchase the needed building supplies safely, in which case an alternate plan should be developed.

Another way to protect the windows that would be able to be completed quickly and safely, even if the storm is present already at the home, is to open each of the windows in the home partially. While this may initially seem counter-intuitive as rain and debris may be able to enter the home with the windows open during the storm, it is helpful as well. By opening the windows, less external pressure is able to build up against the windows as there is an opening for air to flow through, thus balancing the pressure within and outside of the home. This will decrease the incident of each window breaking during the storm.

Lastly, another alternative for keeping the windows safe during such a storm is to install storm grade windows in the home prior to the storm arriving. This does require advanced planning, but it is likely that the home owner would be aware they are living in a location that may be at increased risk of having such bad weather. By replacing old glass windows with rubberized, reinforced frames and improved weather-resistant materials, the incident of windows breaking during the storm will be decreased as well. Overall, using some or all of these tips should greatly improve the likelihood of the windows from being damaged during such a storm.