Hardwood Flooring for a Sustainable Future


The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the house. The gathering of family and friends for the holidays, special occasions, or just daily conversation at the dinner table provides the memories that make a house a home. However, not all kitchens instantly provide the ambience for which homeowners seek. Renovations and updates in the kitchen have the highest return on invest for a home’s resale value. Some estimates state that a well done renovation would add up to 92.9% of the cost to the resale value of the home. Very common changes that have a big impact are kitchen countertops. Choosing countertops in Prince George often are based on function, durability, and appearance. The most popular types of counter tops are: laminate, stone, and ceramic tiles.

If a client is looking for a cleaner, more natural look, granite countertops just might be the answer. Granite countertops are made from stone, likely pulled out from a mountainside, and can be collected from all over the world. Raw material is shipped to the manufacturer in very large slabs, which can be cut into a few different thicknesses. For any project, the three-centimeter thickness will always outlast the thinner options that some dealers offer. If you wish to change the countertops in your kitchen, look into professional countertops in Prince George. The licensed companies can more easily handle any problems that arise, and some companies also offer limited warranties on their products. Also, researching companies and their practices could help make your decision.
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Many people have been installing hardwood floors since medieval times. Hardwood flooring is an environmentally friendly design option. Wood is a renewable resource, and it doesn’t pollute the air in your home due to its resistance to pollen, dust, and other allergens. Refinement and improvement of both installation techniques and sealants/finishers have greatly improved the longevity of hardwood floors. In addition, increased availability of wood has brought costs to the end user down to a level that is affordable to many families and small businesses. The facts that hardwood flooring is very easy to clean and does not attract a lot of dirt and grime make it highly preferred over other types of flooring in both residential and commercial settings alike.

Despite the popularity of hardwood flooring, there are some other important things that you should know about it before making an investment in this type of flooring. The first is that climate can dramatically affect the longevity of your floors. If you live in a dry, then hardwood floors are not recommended. In desert climates, temperatures at night can be quite cool, while temperatures during the day are quite warm. Over time, this can create cracks in the wood and spaces in between the floor boards. To combat this, you can air condition your home during the warmer months to ensure a more or less constant temperature of the wood throughout the year. However, the best climate for hardwood flooring is one in which there is sufficient humidity and little temperature variation to prevent devastation of the wood.