Getting Your Home Ready for Summer


Every summer here in Spring Texas we look forward to a long hot summer. True, it is the time of the year where we get to take weekend vacations on the Gulf beaches, invite friends over for a Bar BQ with all the trimmings and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with lemonade on the front porch. But unless you have lined up the AC repair Spring Texas offers ahead of time, you might also be sweltering in a hot house with the AC on the fritz. If you are one of those folks who just can’t help putting off your chores until the last minute, you might want to create a checklist for each spring to get your AC up and running smoothly before the first big heat wave hits.


Start by Scheduling Professional Preparation

If you plan to do a bit of DIY maintenance for your air conditioning unit, the best bet is to back it up with a professional visit at the beginning of each summer. If you schedule it ahead of time, let’s say by calling them around March for a May checkup, you should be fine. This puts you on the top of their list for house calls and assures your family that they won’t have to survive another hot summer with the AC dead as a doorknob and your name 25th on the list for the month.

Create Your DIY Checklist

It never hurts to create a checklist of what you can take care of as well. This will save you time and money, plus you may soon find you can forgo the expense of a professional visit if you teach yourself a few tricks of the trade. Here is a good checklist to follow each year:

Seasonal Checklists

Each spring you should pull out your checklist and take care of the following:

Checklist for Today

  1. Start by making sure that what you have on hand is a high efficiency pleated air filter
  2. Clean out debris and leaves around the AC unit
  3. Make sure there is at least two feet of clear space around the outdoor AC unit

Monthly Checklist for AC Maintenance

  1. Check the refrigerant lines each month for buildup of condensation
  2. Replace air filters every 2 months while running AC
  3. In summer, make sure the furnace humidifier is turned off
  4. In the fall, replace humidifier filter on furnace and turn on the water for it

Annual Checklist for Fall

  1. Replace the battery on the carbon monoxide detector
  2. Check outdoor AC unit is sitting firmly on solid ground
  3. Use a bleach and water mixture to clean out condensate unit for AC