From Cabinet Handles to Conversation Pieces


One of the most important rooms in the home, the kitchen sees a lot of heavy traffic during a routine day. From getting the kids off to school in the morning, to cooking a delicious dinner meal, the kitchen sees a lot of wear and tear. When cabinet hardware is old and in disrepair, it can cause the kitchen to have a dingy, dirty look. Worn-out knobs and handles look tarnished and well-worn, and not only do guests notice, the homeowners who spend a great deal of time in the kitchen may often lament how they wish things looked a little bit better.


SpFrom Cabinet Handles to Conversation Piecesruce up your kitchen cabinets with the diverse line of cabinet handles from First Impressions. Not just for the kitchen, our unique cabinet handles work well in any room of your home, to match any décor. We can customize any type of handle to fit any room, such as the bathroom, office space, or even garage.

Sometimes, homeowners that are older or have younger children may require extra special care when deciding on cabinet handles. We can design handles so that they are easier on arthritic hands to pull, or easier (or harder!) for smaller, children’s hands to pull.

From Cabinet Handles to Conversation Pieces2We offer many different styles, colors, and materials, and you get to choose from our expansive catalog exactly what you would like. If you have trouble choosing, our experienced staff is here to help you match your décor. If you have an idea that is solely your own, we can customize any type of cabinet handles to meet your exact needs. Many of our cabinet handle designs stem from clients’ ideas in the past.

From Cabinet Handles to Conversation Pieces3We can also customize themes – if you are looking for Early American, rustic, or handles with an antique finish, this is no problem. Contact First Impressions with your specific needs, and wake up every room in your home with durable and stylish cabinet handles.