Cut The Cost: Low Energy Home Fixtures For The Wintertime


One of the inevitable annoyances of winter is the increase in energy costs. There are many areas where drafts can sneak into your home, and windows are the largest culprit simply because there are so many of them in a house. If your windows are older, they are most likely contributing to drafts and higher energy costs. Installing energy efficient windows will cause a significant reduction in your energy bill.

Types of Replacement Windows

According to the Energy Department, you will reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by installing high-performance replacement windows. In addition to the financial benefit, your windows provide added comfort, attractive aesthetics, and improved functionality. The Energy Department also suggests you purchase ENERGY STAR® qualified products, and check with your local utility company to discover if any rebates or incentives are available for customers who install replacement windows. Select high-performance windows with the low-e coating and two panes of glass for insulation. Low U-factor windows provide the best insulation in climates with extreme cold temperatures. Do not install your windows yourself or you will void the warranty. Always have replacement windows installed by professionals.

Replacement Window Benefits

The window installation professionals at Meredith Roofing note that “a home with aging or damaged windows may cause the residents to feel uncomfortable due to air infiltration, humidity problems, and even the entrance of allergens and air pollutants.” As such, according to Nationwide Window, there are many benefits to installing replacement windows.

.Financial Benefits – Since many homes have inefficient single-paned windows, the owners are hit with high energy bills every winter. Modern windows are technology-advanced with an energy-efficient focus. Replacement windows are in the top five of home investment returns.

.Peace Of Mind – New windows provide increased security because of new improved locking mechanisms. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing you have added more security to your home.

.Good Looking – Your new windows have curb appeal. Your home will look newer, modern, and clean. Unsightly blistering and peeling paint is gone. You can even add a bay window to replace a picture window. Your home will look beautiful with your new windows.

.Noise Reduction – While this is not the primary purpose of installing replacement windows, it is an added benefit. Street sounds are dramatically reduced, as are indoor sounds that used to be easily heard outside. Laugh as loud as you want at your favorite comedy show. No one outside your home will know.

You can save money every winter from now on by installing quality replacement windows.