Common Services Offered by HVAC Contractors in Scarborough


One of the best ways of adding value and comfort to your home is by investing in a quality HVAC system. There is no shortage of models on the market, hence finding the right one will not be a problem. However, just like any other electronics in your home, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems need to be maintained regularly to function optimally. HVAC cleaning is one of the most essential maintenance services that you should seek after every three months to get rid of debris that accumulates inside the system. The debris can result in overheating and reduced efficiency.

HVAC contractors

Due to the complexity of most of the maintenances, you should hire HVAC contractors in Scarborough if you do not have the necessary skills and expertise to work on the system. Today, we will discuss three of the common services offered by HVAC contractors in Scarborough.

Heat Loss Calculation

This is a more complex service than HVAC cleaning and it can only be offered by professional HVAC contractors in Scarborough. Its main essence is to determine the BTU capacity that is needed to cool or heat your home. The calculations will help you to know what type of insulation should be used in the floors, attic, and walls. The result of this calculation is determined by the number, type, and location of the doors and windows in your home. The end result will help the contractor to know the size of the unit that you should purchase. Unlike in the past when this calculation used to be done manually, contractors nowadays use software.

Energy Consultation

When planning to purchase a new HVAC unit, you need to consult a professional in this niche to give you some insights on the type of system that you should purchase. For instance, after evaluating your home, the expert can advise you to install a new layer of insulation in your attic. As per the current energy recommendations, the ideal AC unit should have a SEER rating of 14 or higher. On the other hand, the heat pump should have a SEER rating of 14 and 8.2 HSPF. All this information will help you to purchase the ideal unit.

Payback Calculation

Any professional HVAC contractor has the ability and software required to carry out payback calculations for various units. These calculations will help you to know your operating costs at various times of the year. Some of the variables used to do this calculation include heating and cooling load, cost of various types of energy, and the capacity of the units that you want to install.

To get maximum benefits from any of these services, you need to hire the best HVAC cleaning and installation services. Some of the factors that you should put into consideration include reputation, legal accreditation, affordability, various services offered, experience, reliability, and after sale services. Most of them offer a guarantee after installation or maintenance of the unit. Get to know the specific parts or services that are covered by the warranty to make the necessary plans.