Choosing Authentic Timber Framed Windows


While the trend ten or 20 years ago may have been to rip out period features and replace everything with features that, at the time, looked ultra modern, this trend has essentially reversed. Many of the same people that removed wooden frames around windows and doors and replaced them with uPVC now find themselves yearning to have the original timber frames put back in. What’s more, not only are these decision being taken based on the fact that the homeowner wants to enjoy great looking, traditional frames, but also because uPVC is not necessarily proving to be the incredible material that it was sold as being.

While it may mean additional costs to have your uPVC windows and doors removed, and have hardwood timber frame windows to replace them, if you do want a traditional look and you do want to enjoy the natural benefits that hardwood frames have to offer, then you should also consider opting for traditional styles of window such as the sliding sash. The sliding sash window looks great, while modern fixtures and hardware, mean that you can enjoy high levels of security as well as these great looks.

Of course, not all sash windows and timber windows were removed, and if you have existing timber windows, then it may be possible to have them repaired, so this is worth considering before you opt to have them replaced. Replacements will inevitably cost more than repairs, and where this isn’t the case, a professional installer or timber frame window engineer will let you know so that you can make an informed decision.

Hardwood offers natural thermal insulation, and timber frame windows can have the same double or even triple glazing that uPVC windows can also benefit from. As long as they are fitted by a professional and experienced installation company, this means that you can still have windows that allow your home to retain heat and prevent the loss of energy through the windows and the frames.

Timber frame sash windows look great, especially when they are installed in a period property. You can choose the layout of the windows, specifically the  number of smaller panes and the number of rows and columns that there are of these lights. Different periods in history tended towards different layouts, and your engineer will be able to discuss the one that best fits the period of your property, if you wish. If you are attempting to renovate a property in a period style, then the choice of designs is more fluid, and you can base it on the utilisation of similar styles to other properties on your street or you can choose according to the style, design, and layout that you prefer.

If you are opting for timber window frames, then you should consider hardwood to be your best option. It offers natural resistance to fading and to damage caused by the elements, it can be more easily repaired and replaced than uPVC, and timber frames can last as long as 100 years or more with relatively little maintenance.

The Original Box Sash Window Company can inspect existing timber frame windows to see if they can be repaired, advise on the most appropriate style of timber windows for a period property, and they can fit attractive and functional timber windows.