Chimney Cleaning Services in Red Deer, Alberta


Most furnace systems are normally built to offer optimal efficiency. However, to maintain their effectiveness, it is important to clean and service them after some time. This helps in increasing the life of the system, hence enabling you to get the most from it. Similarly, the air conditioning system of that particular furnace system should be cleaned properly for the same reasons.

Note that routinely, chimney maintenance normally helps in preventing damage to the chimney, as well as the fireplace. For instance, burning a fire often leads to the buildup of creosote in the chimney or stovepipe. This is a harmful substance that is a very common cause of chimney fires. Regular chimney cleaning helps in preventing the buildup of creosote, hence reducing the chances of chimney fires and further damage to either your home or premises.

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Chimney Cleaning in Red Deer

If you are in Red Deer; the city in Alberta, Canada, you can find reliable chimney sweeping or cleaning services from renowned service providers. These companies use some of the most advanced equipment and cleaning techniques to deliver a superior job. Some of the services you can expect to get from them include:

  1. Chimney Cleaning Services: This involves the use of revolutionary rotary chimney cleaning tools, which ensure the deepest cleaning without damaging the unit. A high-powered vacuum unit is also used to control the dust, hence ensuring that there is no mess that is left behind.
  2. Chimney Inspections: The chimney inspections are normally performed so as to ensure that the wood-burning unit is in the safest operational condition. Detailed inspections are normally logged using advanced digital programs. Here pictures as well as descriptions of each section of the wood-stove, fire place or chimney are included. Recommendations and operating procedures are normally provided.
  3. Chimney Repairs: When your chimney is in poor condition, it may not function properly. It can weather prematurely and even become unsafe. This calls for chimney repair. Some of the chimney repair services may include; chimney crown repair and reconstruction, brick laying and replacement, roof-flashing installation and water-leak repairs, the fireplace firebox repair, smoke chamber repair rain cap and top sealing damper installations, as well as new chimney liner installation.
  4. Dryer Vent Cleaning: Maintaining a dryer vent is also very important. In fact, many house fires tend to occur because of the build-up of lint and flammable debris below the lint as well as the dryer vent. Cleaning your clothes dryer will reduce the risks of water damage as well as health and fire hazards. Moreover, it will also reduce your electrical costs and minimize damage to the clothes dryer while ensuring proper airflow and higher efficiency. Most of the chimney cleaning service providers will clean the dryer’s vent, the vent adapters, lint traps, as well as the inner part of the dryer’s exhaust hole.

The best thing about furnace and chimney cleaning services is that a comprehensive evaluation is normally done before the system is cleaned. The entire process is normally done using advanced cleaning tools, which are designed to ensure that all the dust and debris are removed from the flue and all the blockages are cleared. Moreover, the friendly, experienced and committed team will see to it that your fireplace, furnace and chimney are safe for use. They thoroughly clean the duct-work and blower sections, hence guaranteeing you clean and healthy air for you as well as your family. If you are in Red Deer you can find a number of renowned companies that offer topnotch chimney cleaning in Red Deer and the surrounding areas.