Building Strong Foundations With Accurate Steps And Utilization Of The Concrete Calculator


Concrete is available in many different types, but it is usually called the cement. Although, cement is only one ingredient in its recipe. It is actually used in laying down the foundations of buildings, garages, sideways and many other different places. It usually consists of water, aggregates and cement and mostly it comes in the form of ready mix cement. Ready mix cement is the type in which mixing has been previously made in the industry with the accurate quantities of every ingredient. It is ready to use form, but it is your choice whether you want to order the ready mix cement or simply order the ingredients and mix them by yourself.


What Is Concrete Calculator?

The concrete calculator UK is used to estimate the weight and volume of concrete that has to be used in the ready mix cement. With this type of calculator, you can easily estimate three types of measurements that will be used for the making of the foundation of any area or land. The concrete calculator UK provides us three types of measurements.

  • It can provide the concrete volume for pouring
  • You can calculate the volume of concrete for filling a block
  • You can calculate the volume of concrete to fill a column.

All the three types have different types of calculator because measurements are totally different for every volume calculation. If you want to calculate the volume of concrete required for pouring, then you simply have to enter the details of the pour that you want to make including its width, thickness and its length. Calculate the volume and your result will be in cubic yards.

Similarly, if you want to calculate the volume for the filling of a block, then you have to enter the length and height of the block that you want to make. And then enter the size of the block. Calculate the volume of the concrete that is required. Like the block volume calculator, concrete calculator UK also consists of a type of calculator that can easily estimate the volume for the making of a column. This calculator consists of height and diameter of the column that you want to make. So, simply put the values and calculate the results of the volume.

This concrete calculator UK gives us an estimation of the volume required for the making of a block, column or the pour. But, there is a little variation, so you must use a little extra volume of the concrete than the volume estimated by the calculator.

What Are The Steps For Building The Concrete Foundation?

  • First of all, select the foundation type that you want to build. The foundation type is usually dependent upon the location and the type of building that will be placed on the concrete foundation.
  • After selecting the type of foundation, add the area of 2 feet more on each side of the foundation. This will give you more space to work.
  • To make it easier, apply the wood boards on the foundation area.
  • As we are aware of the heaviness of concrete, your boards must be strong enough to carry it. If not, then make them stronger.
  • Now, it’s time to make the concrete mix. You can also use the ready mixed cement if you have. For the making of the mix, you have to dump the cement and add water into it with very slow speed and continuous stirring. Make a paste of the cement.
  • Pour the concrete mix into the wooden boards foundation, that you have made before. Use trowel to make it uniform.
  • Now, leave it for the dryness. It will take at least 24 hours to dry it completely. After that, you can remove these wooden boards.