All You Need To Know About the Warehouse Management Solution


The Warehouse Management Solution or WMS is an important part of the total supply chain in all the businesses. With a building full of different products, which are changing constantly, the WMS mainly aims to control the movements with the procedures like picking, receiving, putting away and shipping. In the past, all these types of functions were conducted manually on the paper. Though, these systems were really useful to a certain level but with this high room for errors, limited visibility into the overall system and the lack of speed, so much efficiency was only possible.


Evolution of WMS is quite similar to many other solutions in which it was stimulated by the requirement of greater accuracy in order to offer greater returns and better customer experience. Using the Auto-ID technologies like mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers, wireless networking and more advanced software types allows for designing dynamic real time systems in order to control the movement and the storage of materials within a warehouse.

The goal of warehouse management service

The main goal of warehouse management services is to control the storage and movement of goods in the most effective manner. Those days of pen and paper are completely gone. The software driven WMS allows one to incorporate automation and printing technologies and real-time data capture into the warehouse infrastructure. The general warehouse jobs of directed picking and put away, raw/finished goods inventory management, packaging and supply chain logistics and replenishments can be optimized to make great profits while saving great time.

The warehouse management services can be integrated or can be standalone applications with one existing ERP system. The mobile computers, WMS software, labeling equipment, scanners and wireless infrastructure are some of the important components to create any efficient and robust system. With the perfect solution in place, it is possible to scale the system as the business needs to grow.

The major benefits of warehouse management system

A fully integrated warehouse management solution offers the cost saving benefits and efficiencies like:

  • Accuracy: This solution removes human error from the equation with the automated data capture.
  • Real time communication: Data gathered on mobile computers in the WLAN enabled environment can immediately be transmitted to be database.
  • Integrity: Interface with the existing ERP and accounting software to reconcile the shipments received against the order placed.
  • Productivity: This system can increase productivity through the sequenced pick, terminal message, paperless picking and receiving and put away procedures.