A Guide to Choose Sofa Beds


A sofa bed is a multipurpose rattan furniture that serves mainly two purposes: during the day it serves as a seating area and by night it can be converted into a bed thanks to its special design features. There are several types of sofa beds which are not only good in styles, but also in terms of construction and usability. Here are some of the most common types of sofa beds available in the market.

The Wooden/Metal Mattress Sofa Bed
It is a kind of couch made of either a wooden or metallic frame (commonly aluminum frame) that is suited to regular use as a sofa set. If you’re looking forward to buy this sofa bed then please check whether the mattress is part of the couch, or if it has to be stored independently which is a little bit inconvenient to use.

Pros: It’s easy to fold and unfold midway. Bed cover is changeable in case if you need to change the decor or simply need to wash the cover.

Cons: it can look somewhat odd when used primarily as a couch in the living room, as they usually have quite a characteristically sofa bed look.

Corner Sofa Beds

Corner sofas are designed exclusively for the corner areas of your home, so that they can conveniently fit into a corner of a room. They have generally a higher seating capacity than a regular sofa, and they help to add visual attention. They can be used as a method of making a room seem larger.

Pros: Their frames are metal-action frames that allow one to hide the bed when not in use using a cantilever type folding mechanism. These types of sofa beds are also useful in terms of storage space, thus we get the functionality of seating, sleeping and storage all in one attractive couch.

Cons: It may not be suitable for all kinds of rooms, like non-rectangular or non-square rooms. They are also bulky to move and aren’t easy to transfer between rooms.

Leather ‘Metal Action’ Sofa Bed

The design of the metal action pull out sofa bed is derived from the regular couch. To convert the sofa into a bed, we need to remove the cushions and then the sofa cover too. The metallic frame is then appropriately dragged and rolled out from the borders of the couch. A mattress can then be placed on the couch, and it is ready for sleeping purposes.

Pros: It is as perfect as a regular couch would in a lounge when the metallic frame is retracted and the cover and cushions are repositioned.

Cons: Are always more expensive than their foam counterparts.

The Basic Foam Pull Out Sofa Bed

It is another variety of sofa bed that borrows their design from regular sofas. The foam pull out bed has a folding permanent foam cushion that is large enough to be a bed and also fulfill a seating purpose when made into a couch.

Pros: it looks absolutely fine when located in a lounge due to its obvious sofa-like appearance. This type of bed is usually more compact.

Cons: The foam cushion may slide out of position when people are seated on the sofa. Your guests will be sleeping at floor-level. It is not pretty much comfortable.

Choose wisely based on your preferences in terms of space available, the style you want to achieve, and your budget.