6 Quick Fixes To Give Your Bathroom A Fresh Look


A complete bathroom remodel can be very costly, but there are some low-budget ways to give your bathroom a fresh new look. A little time and some pretty accessories will have your bathroom looking like you spent a lot of money remodeling.

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Add Some Pizazz

Shiny chrome towel bars are both practical and pretty and when matched with glass and chrome shelves, they can make a dramatic look for your bathroom. A fancy mirror or medicine cabinet can add to the new look. Add bold color towels, throw rugs, and shower curtain for the perfect finishing touches.

Refresh Your Vanity

If your vanity is in good condition, you can give it a fresh coat of paint or stain to create a whole new personality for your bathroom. If your vanity is stained, you need to sand off the old finish before applying the new stain. If you are redoing painted cabinets, sand off the gloss layer, use filler where needed, apply a primer coat, and then finish with the topcoat of your color choice.

Improve Your Cabinet Uses

Georgia residents know pullout shelves and drawer inserts add additional storage space in deep cabinets. According to DCD Cabinets, installers of bathroom cabinets in Atlanta, these accessories slide in and out easily and help you find what you are looking for quickly.

Paint The Walls

According to Better Homes and Gardens, paint your bathroom walls with subtle colors that are brought to life with the accessories you choose. Wall art and hand-painted tiles can give your bathroom a unique and modern appearance. Let your new decor reflect your personality.

Add A Touch Of Nostalgia

Local second-hand stores, yard sales, and flea markets provide a wealth of nostalgic items at very reasonable prices. Mix the old with the new for a popular shabby chic look. Old advertising boxes can be cleaned up to be cute containers for hand lotions, soaps, and other items.

Install A New Lighting Fixture

Good lighting is important in the bathroom. If you have been struggling to put on your makeup and fix your hair in the morning, new modern lighting is the solution.

A little time and imagination can give your bathroom a whole new look.