3 Types of Roofing and the Pros and Cons of Each


One of the things you will want to be sure to do is to take good care of your home. This will increase the value of it and provide you with a stable place to live. You may need to replace the roof on your home over time and knowing some of the various types can be beneficial to you. This may enable you to make the wisest choice when it comes to an investment.

Roofing Contractor
Roofing Contractor

Type #1: Asphalt shingles

One of the most common types of material you should consider using for your roof is asphalt shingles. These are extremely popular and should be installed by roofing contractors. The benefits are as follows:

1. Variety of colors – Regardless of the exterior color of your home, you will be able to find the right asphalt shingle color to match it. This material comes in a wide range of colors and designs for you to select.

2. Durability – The good news for any homeowner when it comes to this type of material is that it may last up to 20 years or longer in some climates.

3. Cost effective – This is one of the less expensive ways to replace your roof, and you can get a huge amount of value for the price.

On the other hand, if you had asphalt shingles in place previously or need to update the roof again, these shingles will need to be removed first. This can be an additional expense for you to have to pay.

Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing

Type #2: Metal roofing

You may want to select a metal roof to help your home stay safe and secure at all times. This can be an attractive option and will provide you with the numerous advantages listed below:

1. Long lasting – Metal roofs can surely stand the test of time and may last up to 50 years in some cases. This is one of the most durable types of roofing you may find.

2. Fire resistant – Having a roof that won’t be affected by flames is a huge advantage. This may additionally save you money on the costs of your home insurance.

3. Easy installation – Metal typically comes in sheets, and this makes the material extremely easy to put into place. This can lower the costs of a metal roof placement.

4. Light weight – Metal isn’t heavy and can typically fit on the majority of home structures with ease.

One of the biggest disadvantages for some homeowners of metal roofing is that it can be very noisy and especially so when there is heavy rain.

Tile Roofing
Tile Roofing

Type #3: Tile roofing

If you want the most attractive roof in your neighborhood, you may want to choose tile roofing. You’re sure to be the envy of others living around you when choosing this attractive material.

You can count on the benefits listed below if you want tile for your roof:

1. Attractiveness – This material has been touted as being one of the most attractive you may find for your roof.

2. Lasting for a long time – Tile roofs are the most durable of any material and may last well over 50 years.

However, you may need to have a large budget if you want to choose tile as your next roof. Studies indicate that this is the most expensive roof and typically costs an average of $4.50-$9 per square foot.

Taking the time to choose the best roof for your home is important. Be sure to select the best material to suit your individual needs, offering you the biggest bang for your buck.