3 Qualities to Look for in an As-Is Homebuyer


Selling a home in a hurry can be an uphill battle. Even under normal circumstances, unloading a house in certain parts of the country can prove both stressful and time-consuming, and having to go through the home-selling process in an expedited manner is practically guaranteed to compound this stress. For this reason, many sellers who are short on time decide to sell their properties as-is. In exchange for not having to make any repairs or cosmetic improvements, these individuals receive reduced prices for properties they wish to be rid of. It should be noted, however, that not all as-is buyers are created equal. To ensure that you find the right one, keep an eye out for the following qualities.

Buying A Home
Buying A Home

1. Timely Offers

Fast home offers are among the foremost tenets of good as-is buyers. If you’ve reached the point at which you’re willing to work with one of these buyers, it stands to reason that you don’t have much time to close this deal. Whether you have to relocate posthaste because of a new job or you haven’t had any luck selling your property the traditional way, a good as-is purchaser will be able to empathize with your situation and make you an offer within a matter of days.

2. Fair Payouts

When unloading a property, the seller’s prerogative is to command the highest possible price. Similarly, the buyer’s prerogative is to spend as little as possible. More often than not, both parties will have to meet halfway and come up with a mutually agreeable price. Even under the best of circumstances, expecting to get the maximum payout for your property is unrealistic, particularly if you don’t live in a major metropolitan area. Of course, this isn’t to say that you just take any offer a buyer is willing to throw your way. You should, however, keep your expectations realistic. If your home has seen better days or is located in an unpopular area, the best price you can realistically expect to receive from an as-is purchaser will be fair – not exactly what you were expecting, but fair.

Home Buyer Guide
Home Buyer Guide

3. Easy Payouts

Before working with an as-is purchaser, take care to familiarize yourself with his or her payment methods. If they prefer to pay by check, go online and see what former clients have to say about this individual. Should you come across multiple claims of bad checks, it’s strongly advised that you take your business elsewhere. The most dependable sellers offer clients cash on the spot, thus ensuring that the sale is as simple and hassle-free as possible.

If there’s one thing more stressful than selling a home, it’s doing so without the convenience of time. In most areas of the country, unloading a house in an expedient fashion is easier said than done. This is where as-is buyers enter the picture. For homeowners who are eager to wash their hands of certain properties, these individuals are just what the doctor ordered. For best results, look for the above-mentioned qualities when shopping around for the right as-is purchaser for your home.